St Pachomious Confraternity of Monastic Communities

Welcome to the St. Pachomious Monastic Confraternity, a group of Old and Independent Catholic monastic communities working together for mutual support and aide. Though we are largely Old and Independent Catholic, Episcopal, Anglican and any other Christian monastic community is welcome to join provided they are willing to adhere to our charter of cooperation and support.

The Confraternity is guided by a triumvirate of abbots; Abbot Ordinary +William Higginbotham, OSB and Abbot Ordinary +Neil Christensen, c.s.e.f. who are also the founding members of the Confraternity.


This Confraternity is to be a means of mutual support and aide for monastic communities which are outside the normal Roman confraternities of monasteries.  We are dedicated to assisting each other and supporting and inproving the monastic life of its member communities.  To that end the general guidelines of the Confraternity are as follows:

  • One of the primary purposes of the confraternity is to support and aide each other as communities as well as individuals.
  • We will offer a free trade of information, ideas and cross training taking advantage of web-casts and teleconferencing if the occasion should call for it.
  • Share useful information as it passes through our hands.
  • The communities, as far as possible, we be in full inter-communion with each other even if no formal agreement exist between their Jurisdictions
  • Abbots and Priors will preform ceremonies and preside over members of communities who are in there vicinity for that monks abbot.
  • The communities will treat members of any community of the confraternity as members of their own house (without Active Voice)
  • Priests will con-celibate if possible.
  • Each community will make communal prayer available for all monks of the confraternity
  • When a mass is said in any one member community of the confraternity, for the members of that House and the Order, it will be understood to be for the member of the entire confraternity, living and dead.
  • Each community will assist every other community, to whatever degree and by whatever means they have available
  • If a monk of one House is living in vicinity of a member community of the confraternity, that community will assist the monk to the extent their resources allow and if possible will bring that monk into their community for full inclusion for the duration of the monks stay in the area
  • The Confraternity will be governed by the triumvirate of Abbots consisting of Abbots, +William,  and +Neil. (We are currently considering a new member of the triumvirate.)
  • Matters of importance will be voted on by all members, but a vote can be overridden by and only by,  a unanimous vote of the triumvirate.
  • The confraternity will be open to monasteries both cloistered and monasteries without walls
  • The confraternity is a confraternity of monastic communities, therefore only Christian monastic communities will be considered (i.e. those who follow the Rule of St Benedict or the Rule of Basil the Great or St Pachomious)